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Joan Koenig

Founder & Director
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 Joan Koenig

Joan Koenig’s pioneering research and innovative work with music have earned L'Ecole Koenig a solid reputation in the Parisian community, among music cognition experts, and beyond. Her dynamic and integrative approach to early music experience has shifted conventional thinking about literacy acquisition, empathy building, and the potential for creating collaborative communities among young children. Joan is regularly invited to present her research in education and music cognition conferences around the world.

Joan Koenig is an American-born musician, educator, author, public speaker, mother, creative dervish, and science nerd. She's a graduate of the Juilliard School and has performed worldwide as a soloist and chamber musician. Jazz and Hindustani music (classical music of northern India) have played an integral role in her musical life and reflection on human musicality. She has made her home in Paris for the past 40 years.

Joan’s new book: The Musical Child

The Musical Child book
The Musical Child's book

In The Musical Child, Joan shares stories from her classrooms, along with tips about how to use the latest research during the critical years when children are most sensitive to musical exposure—and most receptive to its benefits.

A gift for parents, caregivers, musicians, and educators, The Musical Child reveals the multiple ways music can help children thrive—and how, in the twenty-first century, its practice is more vital than ever.

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“We need music in our lives now more than ever, so that healthy minds and bodies can develop humane and compassionate values—just what music-making instills. There were statements in this wonderful work that brought tears to my eyes. I hope the decision-makers of the future will heed the message of The Musical Child.”—Herbie Hancock
“A beautiful book, and one that is great fun to read—and which addresses an unmet need. Drawing from her experience as a music teacher, Joan Koenig gives readers the tools to make music with their children during the first few years of life. Her approach is accessible and her loving tone is full of the spirit—of optimism, generosity, joy, and energy—that music instills. I wish I could have been one of her students.”—Nina Kraus, Director, Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, Northwestern University

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