TV Broadcast : Music, a powerful stimulant for children’s brains

Watch L'Ecole Koenig feature on a France 2 television broadcast highlighting the power of music on young brain development.

France 2 Feature: The Benefits of Music on Babies' Brains

We were very proud to be featured in a recent television broadcast by Laurent Delahousse on France 2 about the benefits of music on children’s developing brains.

Learn and develop language skills with music

As we see in our bilingual preschool on a daily basis, early exposure to music has a huge positive impact on child development.

At L’Ecole Koenig, all children learn music as a ‘third language’ along with English and French.

Research shows us that music and language share circuitry in the brain, and practicing music regularly actually fine-tunes children’s aural skills. Not only this, but music-making is proven to improve balance, motor skills, and self-control. This means music can help children and toddlers reach developmental milestones like balancing on one foot (vestibular system), synchronizing their movements, and learning to wait their turn!

The Ecole Koenig methods

We use original specially-developed music to strengthen these skills.

Music-based circle time and daily music classes in small groups mean all our children acquire exceptional pitch recognition and rhythmic ability. Both of these skills have a vital influence on language acquisition.

Want to find out more? Watch the full report here.

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