L’Ecole Koenig bilingual elementary school

Enrollment for the 2024 school year is now open for the 1st grade!

The future of education starts here!

L’Ecole Koenig founded in 1986 by Juilliard graduate Joan Koenig has offered high-level academic and performing arts instruction in a warm and encouraging environment to thousands of children from around the world.

L’Ecole Koenig is the only school in France providing their students with academic innovation and excellence along with a state of the art musical and artistic experience.

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Our Double-curriculum

Learning music

Our original program develops children’s aural skills though an embodied ear training and movement program.

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Our Core Values

  • A Day At School

    Discover a typical day at our bilingual elementary school and immerse yourself in a rich learning environment where English and French blend seamlessly.

  • Meet Us

    Discover our bilingual school in Paris during our open house days! Immerse yourself in a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Admissions

    Enroll your child in our bilingual school in Paris and provide them with a rich education in a warm environment.