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Our shared foundations with the French education curriculum.

Our Preschool and Kindergarten follows the recommendations of the French National Education Ministry.
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A common base Shared With The French education System

Our Preschool and Kindergarten is a non-contracted school approved by the French Education Ministry. We have crafted an exclusive curriculum that not only follows the recommendations of the French national education system but goes well above and beyond.

The French Elementary school System

The French school system, from Preschool to the end of Elementary School, is composed of three successive learning cycles.

Going Beyond the French School System

Our Preschool and Kindergarten covers the “Cycle 1” and, as most of our students are remarkably advanced for their age, some aspects of the “Cycle 2” (Elementary School).

We also start earlier than the “Cycle 1”, as we offer “Toute Petite Section” classes, for children aged two ―who would enroll in a nursery school in the United States.

At L'Ecole Koenig, French is taught in such a way as to:

  • Enable them to express themselves correctly orally (individually and in groups)
  • To teach them the beginnings of writing
  • Develop their phonological awareness to prepare them for reading in primary school
  • Develop their understanding of numbers and quantities to prepare them for calculations and operations in primary school.

Our students develop oral language and begin to discover writing, numbers and other areas of learning. They learn by playing, thinking and solving problems, practicing, remembering and memorizing.

English Curriculum

Our program is built around English and our students achieve bilingual proficiency at the end of their schooling.

English program
Child learns english alphabet in a bilingual preschool

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Preschool apply the Montessori Method?

Although some of our teachers may be trained Montessori Teachers, we no longer follow the Montessori Method.

Is the Preschool a prep school for l'�cole Jeannine Manuel?

No. Although we have had regularly during the past years students who were admitted at l'EJM, our program is neither designed nor aimed at preparing students to this particular school.

My child is not potty-trained, can he be admitted at the Dupleix or Fondary Campuses?

No. If your child is not potty-trained at his first day at school, the Letellier Campus is the place to be. In the other Campuses, we do not have the physical and human infrastructure to receive children who are not potty-trained.

Will my child learn how to read and write?

Yes, all children leave the Preschool having above average reading and writing skills.