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Learning English in a multicultural environment.

Our students achieve bilingual proficiency at the end of their schooling.
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Bilingualism at the heart of our teaching

Bilingualism is at the heart of our education program. Our preschool anchors the transmission of English in your child's daily life with a full-time English-speaking teacher. Children can record and absorb the sounds and then repeat the words with a perfect accent, like singing a song.

Our immersive bilingual program creates the perfect environment for learning multiple languages. With English, French, and even Mandarin being a part of the students' daily lives at school, they quickly become comfortable communicating in another tongue. We constantly engage them in a bilingual environment thanks to the daily flow of games, activities, and, of course, music.

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The benefits of learning another language

Your child is born with the potential to distinguish an infinite number of sounds. For babies and toddlers growing exposed to a single language only, this ability begins to dwindle as their brains become used to the sounds of their native language. This is why the adage "the younger the child, the better" is especially true in terms of language learning.

Children who attend our bilingual preschool can better analyze their immediate environment (greater mental flexibility, better task switching, and a higher capacity for self-regulation). They also learn to appreciate other cultures and other parts of the world at an early age (greater tolerance, sensitivity, and understanding of different cultures).

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Language acquisition methods specific to our school

We have aligned our English curriculum with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (UK) and the recommendations of the French Education Nationale. Using research-based tools to support children's development in the language area, such as the Innovative Phonics program, your child will develop pre-reading, pre-writing, and communication skills.

French curriculum

Our program goes above and beyond the official French curriculum on every learning field.

French program
Child learns english alphabet in a bilingual preschool

Music education

L'Ecole Koenig opens and nurtures the well of creativity present in every child through music and arts.

Music Education
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Preschool apply the Montessori Method?

Although some of our teachers may be trained Montessori Teachers, we no longer follow the Montessori Method.

Is the Preschool a prep school for l'�cole Jeannine Manuel?

No. Although we have had regularly during the past years students who were admitted at l'EJM, our program is neither designed nor aimed at preparing students to this particular school.

My child is not potty-trained, can he be admitted at the Dupleix or Fondary Campuses?

No. If your child is not potty-trained at his first day at school, the Letellier Campus is the place to be. In the other Campuses, we do not have the physical and human infrastructure to receive children who are not potty-trained.

Will my child learn how to read and write?

Yes, all children leave the Preschool having above average reading and writing skills.