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L'Ecole Koenig, the pioneer American music school of Paris.

Explore our extra-curricular music classes and lessons for babies, children, teenagers and young adults, that provide an outstanding music education from 0 to 18 years old.

Music Lessons

Our Music School offers multi-stage and multi-discipline lessons in individual or group classes for students aged 3 months to 18 years.

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Bilingual Vacation Camps

L'Ecole Koenig offers inspirational bilingual musical vacation camps in the heart of Paris built around music and arts education.

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Musical Theater

Our Musical Theater lessons are a rigorous and multi-faceted education that combines singing, dancing and acting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are missed lessons made up?

We can commit to making up music lessons only if the lessons were canceled by the teacher.

Does the school commit to awarding a multi-year scholarship for my child?

Yes, for the preschool program. Keep in mind that the amount of the scholarship awarded is reassessed every year, based on your latest household tax return file.

I am new at L'Ecole Koenig Music School and would like to enroll two children aged 6 or more, do I have to schedule two 30 minutes meeting and pay the interview fee twice?

As much as we would like to make both interviews within one interview slot, our experience shows that in order to truly assess two students, suggest the most accurate music lessons as well as the most appropriate teachers, for each of them, and spend the right amount of time speaking with them and the parent(s), we need more than 30 minutes.

I will move out of Paris during the course of the year, my chilld has been hospitalized or is sick long term, his/her school timetable does not enable him/her to attend his/her usic lessons; can I apply for some reimbursement?

All three cases are entitled to a reimbursement based on the pro-rata of the remaining lessons, considering that any begun semester is due. Parents must notify any move at least three months in advance, with proof of their new official postal address. Parents must submit a medical certificate or their child's school timetable (knowing that it does not apply for school field trips or extra-school activities).

Is it possible to enroll during the course of the year?

Parents can enroll their child all year long in the following type of music lessons: Baby Musicking, First Steps, the choir, and the individual lessons. From November 1st, the invoicing of these lessons is pro-rata, meaning the number of remaining lessons until the end of the school year. The administration can send a personalized cost estimation upon request.