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General Information

Admissions to the Preschool are open throughout the year based on available spots on each campus. Inquiring families need to fill out an online application form on our school portal as soon as possible .

Even if we accept applications throughout the year, following the yearly admission timeline is the best way for new families to maximize their chances of securing a spot for their child, as the available places during the school year are scarce.


If you are unsure how to apply, please contact us directly, we are happy to help.

How To Apply

Admission Process 2023 2024

New families residing abroad

We accept new applications throughout the year. We understand that moving to France can be decided at the last minute, as much for professional as well as personal reasons. Hence, your request is not subject to a deadline, if we can.

Application form submission

As soon as possible

Our decisions on a first-come, first-served basis. If your application is received after, it might be placed on a waiting list. Therefore we ask families to fill in and submit an application form as soon as possible.

As it is always better for us to meet the child, we kindly ask families to let us know of their trips to France, should they plan any, so that we may benefit from it to meet them.

Phone call with the Director

After having applied

Should a real visit to the school not be possible, we will organize a phone call between both parents and the Director of the Preschool. After having applied online, we also ask families to add the following elements to the application via the application portal:

  • The school reports of their child’s current school, or, if they are unable to provide such documents, a letter of recommendation of the school.
  • A video, or various footage, introducing their child to us.

Admissions decision

As soon as practicable

We will communicate our decision as soon as possible.

The enrollment link will be published here on Jan 01, 2023.
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New families residing in France

Registrations for the 2023 2024 school year are now open. We do accept new applications throughout the year if spots are available.

If you currently live abroad, please apply and indicate you do not reside in France. A special process for parents abroad is available.

Application form submission and Circletime event

Families are encouraged to fill in and submit an application form online as soon as possible. We will then contact them to organize a campus visit for their child to participate in a Circletime.

This visit is the perfect occasion to meet our team!

Meeting the Director

After the campus visit, we will organize a meeting with the Director of the Preschool. This meeting requires the presence of both parents without the child. This meeting aims to exchange directly with parents, present our program and answer any questions.


We will communicate our decision as soon as practicable.

Finalizing the enrollment

Within a week

Once parents have been contacted by school staff, they will need to finalize their child's enrollment by paying the non-refundable deposit and the enrollment fees. The registration must be completed within ten days of receiving the offer, or another family may be offered the spot.

The enrollment link will be published here on Jan 01, 2023.
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At L'Ecole Koenig, the online initial application submission is free. There is a non-refundable application fee of 350 euros billed at the end of the application process, only in the case of an admission at the school. This fee finances the general admission costs.



Our team has established a financial aid package for our Preschool families based on family revenue, and we encourage all interested families to apply.

DIscover our scholarship program


Online Application FORM

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any kind of "Fast Track" application procedure for the Preschool?

No. We do however offer our Baby Musicking Program partakers from our Music School a special application procedure that ends with the first admissions commission (end of January) instead of the second one (beginning of March). As the usual amount of available spots is low, they can benefit from the first screening. However, the admission procedure per se is the same for everyone.

I have received a positive admission notification for my child to the Preschool, what is the enrollment deadline?

Decisions will be sent to families as soon as possible after the admissions commission. As soon as the notification is sent, you have 5 working days to confirm the enrollment of your child and to pay the yearly non-refundable fees online. Past that deadline, the spot might be given to a student on the waitlist.

I want to apply for the following school year, when should I do it?

You may apply for upcoming school years whenever you want. We encourage families to apply as soon as possible, as it helps us schedule the different meetings. However please keep in mind that this has no impact on the admissions commission's decision regarding your application.

My child has been waitlisted after the Admissions Commission in March, how high are the chances to get a spot before September?

Springtime might entail increased availabilities from April through June as short-time international relocations usually happen before summertime. Furthermore, some of our students might also receive positive admission notifications from school such as Ecole Jeannine Manuel as late as by June.

My child is not potty-trained, can he be admitted at the Dupleix or Fondary Campuses?

No. If your child is not potty-trained at his first day at school, the Letellier Campus is the place to be. In the other Campuses, we do not have the physical and human infrastructure to receive children who are not potty-trained.