Kindergarten child learns guitar at Koenig

Music education in our bilingual Preschool & Kindergarten.

L'Ecole Koenig is the only bilingual preschool and kindergarten in the world where the power of music is harnessed for learning, health, and happiness.
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Music as Vector-To-Learning

Science has proven that musical experience influences much more than cognitive development, it also promotes patience, intuition and empathy.

It is the absolute synchrony necessary to make music together that takes us out of ourselves into a bigger “we”.

Our bilingual preschool and kindergarten unique program is a musical way of life that allows children’s innate musicality to flourish.

Highly developed musical pitch and rhythmic ability go hand in hand with language acquisition: they both need to take place in the same biological timeframe, between birth and the age of 6.

Music is one of the many languages the children at L'Ecole Koenig speak. Music is used to learn about the world, support language acquisition, understand math, develop physical coordination, self-regulation, and confidence!

Music provides the platform for children to develop their full potential: together—with joy and enthusiasm.

Embracing Neuroscience

Neuroscience research of the past twenty years confirms a specific link between musical practice and literacy. Musical education is shown to enhance children’s ability to distinguish words in sentences and syllables within words. Music can even be used as preventative medicine for challenges such as dyslexia and concentration difficulties.

Toddlers at Koenig sing in rythm

Music-making in early life is a determining factor in a child's physical, emotional and cognitive development.

The constant presence of English and French in our bilingual preschool allows anglophones to learn French and francophones to learn English. But our specialty lies in our third language—music.

Music as a language

Toddler learns how to read music notes

Music flows in the classroom throughout the day, touching every aspect of the children’s daily life. Our students have music classes every day in small groups allowing them to develop musical skills at a remarkable pace. These skills are used to underscore awareness of syllables in words or even additions and subtractions.

We have students who speak neither French nor English when they arrive. Especially for these children, our original bilingual songs are a significant source of pleasure and learning, creating a spontaneous link between multiple nationalities present in our bilingual preschool. Music develops confidence and a desire to learn, two foundations for life-long learning.

French curriculum

Our program goes above and beyond the official French curriculum on every learning field.

French program
Children pointing out a globe in a kindergarten

English Curriculum

Our program is built around English and our students achieve bilingual proficiency at the end of their schooling.

English program
Child learns english alphabet in a bilingual preschool

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Preschool apply the Montessori Method?

Although some of our teachers may be trained Montessori Teachers, we no longer follow the Montessori Method.

Is the Preschool a prep school for l'�cole Jeannine Manuel?

No. Although we have had regularly during the past years students who were admitted at l'EJM, our program is neither designed nor aimed at preparing students to this particular school.

My child is not potty-trained, can he be admitted at the Dupleix or Fondary Campuses?

No. If your child is not potty-trained at his first day at school, the Letellier Campus is the place to be. In the other Campuses, we do not have the physical and human infrastructure to receive children who are not potty-trained.

Will my child learn how to read and write?

Yes, all children leave the Preschool having above average reading and writing skills.