The orality of music has been lost and this hinders learning [Podcast]

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In her program "The Four Seasons is not just a pizza" for France Musique radio, Saskia De Ville shares with humor and love about classical music. From Monday to Friday at noon, she welcomes a guest to explore all the benefits of music.

She has therefore received Joan Koenig, musician and pedagogue, who shares her concern about the evolution of musical learning in France today:

"Through several centuries, we have unfortunately lost the orality of music. And in our developed societies, based on a musical training via classical music, we are in the reading and not in the orality.

Especially in France where the practice of music theory is a prerequisite for learning music; unfortunately many people feel a block at the beginning of their musical learning.

Numerous neuroscientific studies prove that we need pleasure in education and that the child needs to feel emotions and happiness to learn."

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