Childhood, language and music: a winning trio? [Interview]

In an interview with Europe 1, Joan Koenig explains how music can help with learning, social relationships and more.

Baby Musicking : childhood + music = ♥

Following the release of his book "Tous les enfants naissent musiciens" published by Editions Actes Sud, Joan Koenig answered questions from journalist Alexandre Le Mer for the Europe Matin program from 5 to 7 a.m. on the radio station Europe 1.

He was interested in the methods used by Joan Koenig throughout his experience with children and more particularly with babies who develop an emotional bond with music. This bond helps them to build the foundations of their musical learning.

Early childhood music is a recurrent subject for parents of young children. Can music help my child learn language better? At what age should my child be introduced to music? Classical music or rock & roll?

In this interview, Joan Koenig goes back to the basics of what the greatest international experts tell us on these subjects.

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Toddlers danse and play music in a circletime

Language and music, is there a correlation?

Music and language are universal human traits and remain closely linked. In fact, music is a language in itself, a universal language that we acquire spontaneously, just like when we learn to speak.

Several scientific studies show that music and language make the brain react in a similar way.

However, music does not have a meaning but rather an emotional character. It is more about expression than meaning, unlike language. But the fact remains that these two traits reflect human emotions, so there is a very strong connection between them.

Early childhood music : what are the benefits?

We know today that music is not only music, it is also the way we move, the way we see each other, the way we interpret what we hear.

When your child moves to the sound of music, he or she is moving to the sound of the world around them, moving in their own way.

During the first three years, your child develops an emotional connection to music that will help build the foundation for musical learning.

Discover also the music classes for babies from 0 to 3 years old offered by the Koenig School: Music classes for babies

Review of the book "Tous les enfants naissent musiciens

The book was published in French on September 28, 2022 by Editions Actes Sud.

Joan Koenig tells the story of her musical awakening course, "baby musicking", and its incredible benefits on the development of children, supported by numerous research and neuroscientific studies.

There are also many simple exercises to reproduce at home with your child. This is an informal and instinctive approach.

Discover the biography and atypical background of Joan Koenig, founder of the Koenig School.

The book "Tous les enfants naissent musiciens" is now available: Read the article about the book here.

You can also find the English version of Joan Koenig's book: "The Musical Child".

> Buy the book "The Musical Child".

> Buy the book in French version "Tous les enfants naissent musiciens".

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