A Japanese singer-pianist-composer, Rié has live in Paris, her adopted home, for 11 years. Beginning music lessons at the age of 3, she received classical training for 15 years. Later, studying French literature at Dokkyo University in Tokyo, Rié discovered jazz and was immediately hooked, so she decided to sing after school in several Tokyo jazz clubs.

Trained by Diva Gray, former vocalist of the group « Chic,» Rié gave numerous concerts in Europe, the US, Asia, and the Middle East. At the same time, she always loved sharing her musical experiences with her students.  

A mesh of different musical universes, her latest EP « Semba (2018) », is a tribute to her hometown Kumamoto, expressing her true identity, balanced between her two cultures. Between her original compositions, some co-composed with the celebrated British lyricist Chris Mosdell (Eric Clapton, Mickael Jackson, George Boy, YMO, etc.) and Japanese traditional songs « minyô » of her hometown specially transformed into jazz, Rié shares her world of contemporary jazz at the crossroads of Japanese and French cultures. Her collaboration with Chris Mosdell also received « The Best Music Award » during the festival of 48 Hour Film Project Awards in Ho Chi Minh City in 2010 for their song « The One», which was featured as the soundtrack for a short film.


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