David Adrian

Drum teacher


Drums: what a beautiful instrument; melodic, powerful…and so rewarding. At the age of 6, attracted by its sounds, David would visit his neighbor who was a drummer and instilled in him the desire to play.

This desire led him to take classes at the Dante Agostini School followed by studies at the Strasbourg jazz conservatory. David then flew to New York to follow the TEN WEEK CERTIFICATE PROGRAM at the DRUMMER’S COLLECTIVE. During this time he gave concerts in many cities and countries in different musical styles.

David Adrian naturally turned to teaching to pass on his knowledge, his experience and also to feel the joy of seeing the evolution and progress of each student.


  • Private Music Lessons

    For ages 6-18

    Let your child learn a particular instrument and nurture his/her creative potential.

    A young child learns how to play violin in a classroom