Scholarships for the Preschool & Kindergarten

Find all the relevant information regarding our scholarships for the Preschool and Kindergarten program just below.
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Our commitment to broader inclusion

L'Ecole Koenig has been a non-profit organization in the true sense of the word since 1986. Although we have never benefited from public funding, no child has ever been turned away for financial reasons.

In an increasingly challenging and uncertain world, our school is more determined than ever to assure accessibility to our programs.

Our team has established a financial aid package for our Preschool families based on family revenue, and we encourage all interested families to apply.

Financial aid implies a veritable partnership between the family and our school. Consequently, we require a commitment until the end of our program.

Preschool scholarship guidelines

Our scholarship program depends on the number of spots available and the families' financial means. It results in our ability to calculate a tuition fee based on the parents' net taxable income and estate documents.

  • All families can apply for the scholarship. Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee that considers their 2022 tax return, based upon their 2021 taxable income. As the number of available scholarships is limited, the parents' net taxable income level does not automatically attribute a scholarship and/or a spot.
  • Based on the parents ' yearly net taxable income level ("revenu fiscal de référence" in France), we guarantee a scholarship during the child's whole schooling at our preschool and kindergarten. This means that the scholarship awarded is reassessed every year based on the family's tax return.
  • Upon receiving the scholarship, the family agrees to enroll their child until she/he graduates from our kindergarten (leaving our "grande section" for elementary school). If the family decides to unenroll the child before the end of the kindergarten ("grande section") school year, the school will ask the family to reimburse the total amount of scholarship received during the entire time of the child's enrollment. This does not apply in the case of relocation outside of Paris.

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Tuition fee category

Parents' net taxable income

Amount of the scholarship if awarded

Tuition fee due after the scholarship deduction




< 15 000 €

11 800 €

1 900 €

500 €


15 001 € to 35 000 €

10 000 €

3 700 €

2 300 €


35 001 € to 50 000 €

7 300 €

6 400 €

5 000 €


50 001 € to 70 000 €

5 300 €

8 400 €

7 000 €


70 001 € to 90 000 €

3 300 €

10 400 €

9 000 €


90 001 € to 120 000 €

2 300 €

11 400 €

10 000 €


120 001 € to 150 000 €

1 300 €

12 400 €

11 000 €


> 150 001 €

0 €

13 700 €

12 300 €

Application procedure

Please follow the following procedure in order to apply for a scholarship at our Preschool. For re-enrollments, please contact the school's administration directly.

Step 1: Create a family account on our Preschool Portal

If you are new to our Preschool, you will need to create a family account on our Preschool Portal. If you have already done so, please ignore and proceed to Step 2.

Create Family account

Step 2: Create a preschool application for your child for the desired school year

Once you have created a family account and before submitting a scholarship application, you must create a preschool application for your child on our Preschool Portal. If you have already done so, please ignore and proceed to Step 3.

Do not create a new preschool application if you are reenrolling, please contact the administration.

Create Enrollment

Step 3: Apply for a preschool scholarship

Finally, apply for a preschool scholarship directly online. When prompted, select the preschool application to which this scholarship will apply. Please note that you must submit your household's latest tax return file and that we will ask you to submit an updated file just before beginning of the school year.

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Frequently asked questions

Does my child need to be enrolled at your preshcool in order to apply for a scholarship?

No. You may apply for a scholarship even if your child is currently not enrolled at our preschool.

Does the school commit to awarding a multi-year scholarship for my child?

Yes, for the preschool program. Keep in mind that the amount of the scholarship awarded is reassessed every year, based on your latest household tax return file.

Is there a maximum number of scholarships awarded each year?

There is no specific number of scholarships awarded each year, but the school is obliged to ensure its financial stability. Therefore, scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Is there any scholarship for the Music School?

Our scholarships aim at helping the families financially enroll their children in our preschool as its fees are way higher than those of the music school.

My child has been awarded a Preschool scholarship. What happens if I decide to unenroll her/him before the end the schooling at your school?

You will be asked to reimburse the entire scholarship amount awarded to your child during her/his entire schooling at our preschool and kindergarten. This does not apply in case of relocation outside of Paris.

What happens if my household income drops so much that I cannot afford keeping my child enrolled at your school, even with a scholarship?

In the event of a drastic change in circumstances that makes it impossible for your child to continue attending our school, the school will convene a special committee to decide on additional financial aid.

Why do I need to update my tax return file every year?

The school commits to a scholarship throughout your child's schooling at our preschool, but the exact amount of the scholarship needs to be recalculated every year based on your household's  yearly tax return file.