Opening of the elementary school

L’école Koenig is excited to announce the opening of their bilingual international elementary school in September 2024 !

L’école Koenig is excited to announce the opening of their bilingual international elementary school in September 2024 !

Today, the need is pressing to offer children an education where the highest academic standards meet music, art, and an understanding of the world and its diversity.

Our bilingual elementary school follows in the footsteps of our preschool—the world’s first musical preschool which opened its doors in 2008. We have all seen the magical effect that a musically infused education has on children. Our graduates not only meet and exceed international learning requirements, but also develop confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. The program is researched-based, and empirically validated. We ensure that all of our students develop the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in an exponentially changing world.

Our schools integrate the International Baccalaureate* early years program with French National Education requirements. L’école Koenig is the only school in France to combine a high-level academic program with a stellar in-house music and performing arts program.

l’Ecole Koenig founded in 1986 by Juilliard graduate Joan Koenig has offered high-level academic and performing arts instruction in a warm and encouraging environment to thousands of children from around the world.

We will be very happy to schedule an in-person meeting with you to explain our unique program and answer any queries you may have.

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