A teenager learns violin at a the music school

Music classes for children aged 6 to 11

We offer afterschool music lessons in private or group classes for elementary school children.

Main Goal

From 6 to 11 years old, our music school aims to lead our students to musical proficiency and expertise, both in the music theory field and in their performance.

We encourage your child to become the musician they are through this journey.

Key Principles

Thanks to our team of highly trained teachers and our unique curriculum, our young students in elementary school will achieve a high level of musical expertise.

Being attentive to the young musician

Historically, L'Ecole Koenig was the first music school to propose a pedagogy inspired by American precepts, i.e. immediate contact with the instrument from the earliest age - without necessarily going through music theory lessons, as opposed to the strict academic French method.

The period from 6 to 11 years old is a key period for the child musician and we listen to your child's wishes and tastes in order to nourish their motivation, while inspiring them with a love for the rigorous nature of instrumental work.


Fostering crossdisciplinary musical expertise

At Ecole Koenig, we do not favor one style of music over another. We believe that every music instrument has the same relevance: what matters is musical practice.

From the age of 6, we develop your child's taste for different musical styles and instruments in order to expand their horizons and open the realm of possibilities.

Music Classes

From 6 to 7 years old

The journey from the ages of 6 to 11 starts with our Me and My Instrument class. After the exposure and the practice of a wide variety of instruments all the way from Baby Musicking to the Discovery Group, your child will be able to choose an instrument to focus on.

During this group class they will spend all year on one instrument. Working with their friends as a group on one instrument encourages emulation and allows for further group learning of musical theory.

Indeed, at the age of 6 your child is acquiring reading skills and we use this growing ability to encourage them to become more and more at ease with reading notes and with the different musical terms.

Learning all of this as a group and directly on the instrument allows for deeper learning and understanding. It suddenly becomes real, tangible. A note is not just a theoretical note, it is a sound, a sound on the instrument in front of your child!

From 7 to 11 years old

As of the age of 7, we encourage your child to follow a group music theory class as well as a private instrumental class. If they want, they can even join a band! This is a pivotal year as learning instrument takes dedication!

Practicing at home and preparing for small concerts are a crucial step in your child’s musical journey. These instrumental lessons can take place no matter the style of music your child wishes to explore. Our teachers are extremely polyvalent and can adapt to various musical genres.