A teenager learns violin at a the music school

Music classes for children aged 4 to 5

We offer early childhood extra-curricular music lessons tailored for preschoolers and children aged 4 to 5 in small groups.

Main Goal

At our music school, between 4 and 5 years old, our early childhood music program will take your child on a musical path which will lead them to choosing an instrument they love, such as piano, violin, flute or even guitar.

Key Principles

Thanks to our team of highly trained teachers and our unique curriculum, our young students aged 4 to 5 will keep growing as musicians in a fun-filled yet highly engaging atmosphere.

Shaping the musical ear

In the years where the acquisition of speech is so predominant, we use the specificities of speech to link them to the musical world.

High & low, slow & fast, soft & loud are all language traits that we find in music but under words such as alto, accelerando or mezzo piano!

Your child will also progressively delve into the world of note reading through a series of fun activities enabling them to logically understand this concept often misconstrued as being horribly difficult!

First Steps Classes

Experimenting different instruments

Your child will not just get a passive exposure to different instruments: At our music conservatory, we are hands on! Our classes are so designed as to be able to provide each child with an instrument, whether it be guitars, pianos or violins!

This way your child immediately feels what it is like to be part of a band or orchestra. Working together towards a common musical goal is a very powerful experience and making music as a group, musicking together, is a strong moment which helps develop awareness and empathy as well as strong musicianship.

Discovery Group Classes

Music Classes

At 4 years old

During our First Steps classes when your child is 4 years old, we are keen to develop their musical abilities through singing, dancing and musical activities as we introduce our own musical material to guide them through the world of rhythm, notes and dynamics!

At 5 years old

At the age of 5 we encourage your child to be part of our Discovery Group class. Our music students will have three sets of group classes with a different teacher every time on a different instrument during a whole school year.

As part of a group, your child will be able to discover these instruments all the while furthering their discovery of musical theory through voice and movement.