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Open house

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You and your child will participate in
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What if our children were born musicians? by Milk Magazine

Interview with Joan Koenig
Posted on Nov 30, 2022
Last updated on Mar 23, 2023
MilkMagazine logo article with Joan Koenig

Discover the Milk Magazine article

Joan Koenig answers questions from journalist Salomé Mathieu for Milk Magazine about the development and construction of children through music.

Milk Magazine is a quarterly magazine on children's themes. From the art of family living, decoration to the latest leisure activities for children, all fields are explored: "a modern journey into the world of childhood", as the magazine describes itself.

Here is an excerpt from Salomé Mathieu's article:

"Concretely, how, as a parent, do we familiarize children with music? How do we integrate it into our daily lives?

Music must be made everywhere, by singing, playing, even on pots and pans. Sometimes it's enough to put a child in front of a keyboard or a guitar for him to start creating stories and soundtracks!

It is not a question of sending a very young child to a music school at a specific age, but of simply and spontaneously "making music" with him at home.

One would never imagine not talking to one's child and sending him/her once a week for a French lesson! Music is learned in exactly the same way in the child's brain; through exchange, repetition and play.

Why not sing and dance with your children every day?

In the book, there are many games to play with your children, which can be done with a piano or a xylophone at best, or simply with the human body, which is already an orchestra!" answers Joan Koenig.

Read the entire interview with Joan Koenig here

Little girl having fun on the piano with her parents

Image Credits / Milk Magazine logo / Freepik Baby Piano

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