A toddler plays drum at L'Ecole Koenig

Music classes for babies & toddlers in Paris

We offer early childhood musical lessons for newborns from 3 months of age, babies, toddlers in Paris 15.

Main Goal

Between the ages of just a few months old and seven years old, our early music education program will take your child on a journey to discover and reveal themselves through the energy of the group.

Key Principles

Thanks to our team of highly trained teachers and our unique curriculum, we will guide your child from classes which will take place with you, to group classes without parents as of the age of 3, around two key principles.

Bonding with music trough embodiment

At our American music school we don’t believe in passive listening, we go for movement! We know today that music isn’t just music; it is how we move, how we see each other, how we interpret what we hear.

When your child moves to music, they move to the sound of the world around them, they move in their own sweet way.

During their first three years of music lessons at our conservatory, your child will develop an emotional bond with music which will help build the blueprint for their musical future.

Many of our parents tell us their child asks them every day if it is “music day”!

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Build self-confidence and socializing

Our classes will encourage your child to build a positive and natural relationship to movement, gaining self-confidence along the way.

These classes will also be a moment for you to bond with your child while socializing them with other children.

Moving and feeling the music in rhythm with other children is the corner stone of musicking, which is an essential characteristic of concert playing.

Discover First Steps

Music Classes

From 0 to 3 years old

During the Baby Musicking classes, you and a group of other parents and their children will be guided through a wide variety of musical activities led by two teachers: one on the floor with you and another at the piano.

This is a precious moment for socializing and engaging as part of a group since many Baby Musickers aren’t in school yet!

At 3 years old

As of three years old, we propose our First Steps classes. The First Steps are those of your child in group classes (without you!). This logical continuation of our music program uses many elements seen in Baby Musicking program but furthers them to adapt to the emotional and social development of your child.