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A bilingual and musical preschool

Welcome to the only preschool in the world where the power of music is harnessed for learning, health, and happiness.

A program built around music
At L'Ecole Koenig, music is the vehicle for creative development, language acquisition and mathematics.

During their three years in our preschool, children learn about the world, its varied languages, cultural traditions, and even food. Each of the five school terms is dedicated to a country or a continent. Parents revel in seeing their children perform specially conceived operas and plays based on subjects as diverse as the Chinese New Year, William Shakespeare, or the antics of Grecian Gods and Goddesses.

Music flows in the classroom throughout the day, touching every aspect of the children’s daily life.

Our students have music classes every day in small groups allowing them to develop musical skills at a remarkable pace. These skills are used to underscore awareness of syllables in words or even additions and subtractions. We have students who speak neither French nor English when they arrive. Especially for these children, our original bilingual songs are a significant source of pleasure and learning, creating a spontaneous link between multiple nationalities present in our bilingual preschool. Music develops confidence and a desire to learn, two foundations for life-long learning.

Measures of quality

By providing such a rich and transversal learning environment through music, we encourage children to be curious about the world and seek out information that surrounds them. This is a life asset that will help them become successful individuals. Our program also helps them to learn to communicate, collaborate and think critically and creatively. Our children are empowered by the learning curiosity: they are school-ready at the end of our program.

Our graduates are admitted in top schools in Paris: l’École Jeanine Manuel, l’École Alsacienne, the Lennen School, the Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP), l’École Internationale Bilingue (EIB).