A beautiful piano in a classroom at L'Ecole Koenig

Explore our premises located in Paris 15th arrondissement.

L'Ecole Koenig is located in the La Motte Picquet Grenelle and Dupleix districts in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.
Bilingual PreschoolMusic School

Our Premises

L'Ecole Koenig is divided into three campuses all located in the center of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, bordering the 7th arrondissement (École Militaire and Eiffel Tower districts).

A map of L'Ecole Koenig

33 rue Fondary

Our historic location and school headquarters is located at 33 rue Fondary. The campus is nearly 200 square meters in size, has 5 classrooms and can accommodate 30 kindergarten students.

We also have classrooms at 35 and 41 rue Fondary, which are used for early childhood music and drumming classes.

2 rue Auguste Bartholdi

Our premises at 2 rue Auguste Bartholdi have nearly 160 square meters of space for up to 24 preschool students. It directly overlooks the square Dupleix, used daily by the school.

12 rue Letellier

Our latest campus opened in 2016, located at 12 rue Letellier is 65 square meters in size. It currently houses the Toute Petite Section and Petite Section classes of our bilingual preschool.

One-of-a-kind classrooms

The classrooms of the our school have the unique feature of hosting a bilingual preschool and kindergarten in the morning and in the afternoon, a music school.

Each classroom has musical instruments that are used by the bilingual preschool and the music school students.

Great care is taken in the decoration and cleanliness of the classrooms. Each year, the school makes significant investments to improve its facilities.

About La Motte-Picquet Grenelle District

La Motte-Picquet is a very dynamic and urban district of the 15th arrondissement of Paris. It has many green areas such as the Square Garibaldi and the Square Gilbert de Guigand. It is a very busy district with a wide range of shops.

The district is served by three metro lines (10, 6 and 8) and one bus line (80).