The Musical Child Conference By Joan Koenig

Save the date: The Musical Child Conference
On Jan 16, 2022
Posted on Jan 11, 2023
The Musical Child, written by Joan Koenig, Full Book Cover

Save the date: The Musical Child Conference in English

Sunday January 16th at 10h30

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Joan is the author of the upcoming book, The Musical Child, published by Harper Collins. This ground-breaking book represents Joan's 35-year career imagining, designing, and implementing music education in the classrooms at L'Ecole Koenig. It features cutting-edge thinking about the causal relationship between music and human development. Available in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook format at several retailers. Please click here to pre-order the book.

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“We need music in our lives now more than ever, so that healthy minds and bodies can develop humane and compassionate values—just what music-making instills. There were statements in this wonderful work that brought tears to my eyes. I hope the decision-makers of the future will heed the message of The Musical Child.”—Herbie Hancock
“A beautiful book, and one that is great fun to read—and which addresses an unmet need. Drawing from her experience as a music teacher, Joan Koenig gives readers the tools to make music with their children during the first few years of life. Her approach is accessible and her loving tone is full of the spirit—of optimism, generosity, joy, and energy—that music instills. I wish I could have been one of her students.”—Nina Kraus, Director, Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, Northwestern University
“In The Musical Child, Joan Koenig helps get music off the stage and back into our bodies, souls, and families. Her examples and exercises are simple and easy to follow, helping any parent get in touch with this timeless gift.”—Silke Rose West & Joseph Sarosy, authors of How to Tell Stories to Children
“By matching Joan Koenig’s personal observations as a gifted teacher of young children with the scientific findings of some of the most brilliant minds in the field of music cognition, this wonderful book makes crystal clear how music can be used to develop the minds and enrich the lives of all children. The Musical Child shows us that music holds the key to developing a healthy life full of humanity.”—Charles J. Limb, music cognition neuroscientist, University of California San Francisco Medical Center
"Joan Koenig’s The Musical Child blends observation, empathy, experience and detailed research to present the invaluable benefits of bringing up children in music. The natural joy that children have in music, the importance of creativity and the vital role music plays in developing curious, confident and happy young people is beautifully illustrated in a book that abounds with love and fundamentally believes in the deep potential of children.  As a family for whom music was there from the beginning, we are happy to recommend this book to all families and to anyone interested in childhood and education."—The Kanneh Mason Family