Open House

Meet Our Team

Working with the brightest and most committed profesionnals
The school has always attracted the best professional educators who bring our philosophy to life each and every day, with passion and commitment as well as open minds and hearts.

Under the leadership of Joan Koenig, our team — comprised of over 30 staff and faculty members from over 10 countries — is committed to supporting L’Ecole Koenig’s mission, goals and values by working collaboratively with our community of children and parents.

The professional atmosphere at L’Ecole Koenig is stimulating and rewarding. We foster a positive and dynamic work environment through programs and initiatives that attract, support, retain and motivate a highly qualified and diverse group of people.

We believe that the strength of a school lies in its educational philosophy and the selection of its teachers. As a private institution in France, L’Ecole Koenig has the freedom to independently choose its teachers and collaborators. The result is extensive diversity among our teachers and staff, which reflects a core value promoted within the school.