Open House

Who We Are

We believe in the boundless creativity and humanity of every child
We are a musical species; music is an essential part of our human construction.

Musical practice in childhood – in fact, very early childhood - creates powerful and proven pathways to empathy, creativity, literacy, and a sense of belonging.

30 years of scientific research supports the profound and positive impact of musical practice on children's' overall development — vital physical coordination, the fine-tuning of speech and auditory systems, reinforcing literacy and memory, and fostering human relationships that are intuitive, collaborative, and deeply satisfying. Music is a meta-language that we all share, regardless of our origins.

The only school in the world that channels the power of music through every vector of learning.

Learning through music in early childhood is organic and perfectly adapted to the young brain. Children are born with some brain regions in full gear, while other areas mature in late adolescence. Among the fully developed areas are the audio system and the limbic system (emotional processing centers.) Music is sound and emotion, which makes it the natural language of the young mind.

Music cognition and the study of creativity are hot topics in the twenty-first-century neuroscience field. Science indicates that the uniquely human ability to move in time with one another goes beyond music: it is one of the cornerstones of healthy development. There are now multiple studies supporting the integral role of music in our human construction.

We see these ideas play out every day in real-time with real children and real results.

We see children learning their letter sounds instantly by singing and dancing their phonetic alphabet song. Multiplication tables are memorized in a single morning when the children rap and groove with them.

Equally important, we observe children of more than twenty different nationalities joyfully singing and dancing together: learning and communicating through their one common language, music.

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